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Guess what I did today?

I moved house. We moved house. Lorne was also here, though mostly what the two of us did was tell the movers where to put the various boxes. We have so few things and the movers were so professional that we were all moved in by noon, and we've mostly be unpacking until Lorne had to leave for today's lessons and to meet Jou.

So I've been unpacking on my own . . . which for the past hour has been me, a glass of wine and the first box of books wile I decide what order they should be shelved in. And if now would be a good time to join Library Thing.

Anyway, unpacking is done for the day and I'm feeling quite mellow (it's damn good wine) and just enjoying being in our house. This place is about four times the size of the flat and of course Lorne doesn't have any furniture, so it's just what I had in the flat spread around. It practically echoes.

I've also been looking at the IKEA site for a guest bed. I think I like this one.

Tonight we're going to sleep in our house for the first time. Life is so bloody brilliant.
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As I'm sure you've guessed by now, we're back from the States. Lorne's family were lovely: I think Emma has decided I'll make an acceptable brother-in-law, and the boys liked me.

We spent the weekend packing and we hope to be moved into the new house by the end of the week. Just in time for guests! This means buying a guest bed, so I really don't have one at the moment. We don't have one. I'll get used to saying that eventually. We're also discussing names for a dog.

Meantime Cardiff didn't fall into a hole while we were gone. Yay for that.

I see we have a great many new people, so hello, I'm Ianto.


Jun. 6th, 2008 09:26 pm
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[Private Entry]


Someone has swapped the bodies of my boyfriend and my boss, who I used to sleep with.

Somebody kill me, please.
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I took Lorne up to the Orkney Islands for his birthday. (And so I'd get a little vacation: Lorne made me promise not to think about the wedding or the house while we were there. I managed, mostly.) We got back late last night. No TV for four days, and I haven't even looked at a newspaper until today.

And now there's a bloody great hole where Los Angeles used to be.


(I asked Jack this morning why he didn't call me back and he gave me the most innocent look ever and said, "I wanted to prove we can manage without you--and look! The world's still here!"

This time, Harkness. This time.)
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Lorne and I looked at three houses today.


I mean, our estate agent has found some beautiful houses for us in some great neighborhoods, but none of them are our house, yeah? we haven't found one yet whre I can see us making supper in the kitchen or inviting you all over for a party or where the kids can play in the garden.

(Nieces and nephews. I'm getting two nephews with this marriage. Whoo boy.)

I don't want to settle. We're going to be living in this house for a long time *knocks wood* and I want it to feel like ours from the moment we step inside. I have no idea how we find it, is all.
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I'm not going to try and catch up with the quiz war. Good show, all of you. *golf clapping*

It's not that work is keeping me unusually busy; it's not even that I've found a new boy toy and have run away for an endless naughty weekend.

I'm just not feeling particularly social. I'll try to meet you lot at some point this weekend, but to be honest? Don't count on it.
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I have 15 covers on "Hallelujah."

None of them help.

[Filtered to Jack]

Jack, if that offer to watch over me while I get drunk is still open, sometime this week would be brilliant.


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