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I write great letters but give lousy speeches.
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I used to think love meant forever, but I know better now. I can't offer anyone forever. Even if I offer someone the rest of my life, who knows how long that will be. Or won't be.

I hate feeling torn in two. I hate John thinking I'm only biding my time.

I hate knowing he's right.
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I've started thinking about our future. I catch myself thinking about things like what we'll do for Christmas and if he's the type to celebrate anniversaries. (Lisa liked anniversaries. I liked them for her sake.)

I probably shouldn't think any further ahead than tomorrow, given everything, but it's nice sometimes to believe we'll have a few more days than that.
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If anyone notices that one man went through the door into the coffee shop and two come out a moment later, they say nothing about it.

Ianto will check the CCTV later, anyway. Just to be sure.

"Tailor first?" he says to Constantine. He's still holding his hand.

[ooc: Warning for adult content.]
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Sex with Constantine is never bad--it's often good, sometimes great, sometimes overwhelming.

John has outdone himself tonight, bringing Ianto to the edge over and over before finally letting him over, and it's some time before Ianto can do more than brush his fingers over John's back, before he can even think.

When he does, it's I can't lose this.
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Ianto's room is just like any number of midlevel hotel rooms in any number of hotels around the world: double bed, desk, chair, mirror, bureau.

He guides John carefully to the bed. "Let's get you lying down--there we go--"
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I think it's too much to say we're "together." But we are . . . something.

One of these days I should tell him when I go into the bar, he's the person I hope to see.


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