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Lorne and Kai are napping together on the couch. Matilda is keeping a watchful eye. And I'm getting the house ready for Maureen to arrive tomorrow.

Feel free to envy me this perfection.

Euan and Ellie came over last night. The first meeting of Kai and Rhodri went something like this:
Rhodri: But I'm the baby!
Kai: I'm also the baby!
Rhodri: You can't be the baby!
Kai: But I am the baby!
Rhodri: Are you sure you're the baby?
Kai: I'm a perfectly good baby!
Rhodri: Okay, I guess you're a baby. Lego?
Kai: LEGO!!!

Only with more poking and exploratory biting. It was kind of like having three puppies rolling around on the floor once Matilda got involved.

Mum and Dad have also been to visit, and it took a while for Kai to warm up to them but he was cuddling and comfortable by the time they left. Macsen came with them (he's still living with them, much to everyone's relief) and he kept saying, "Kids, mate. Kids," like he couldn't believe it. I can't quite believe it myself, but I love rediscovering it every day.

The plan is, once Maureen arrives and has recovered from jet lag, for me to go back to work full time and she and Lorne will find a nanny for when his leg is healed and he can come back to work as well. Jack is also starting to make noises about hiring a new doctor, but he prefers to let staff find us than seek anyone out so it might be months.

I hear stirring. Must run.
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Ever since the gas incident last week, Matilda has been extra-cuddly. She doesn't want to let me out of her sight, and with Lorne away she's been wandering around the house looking for her alpha dog. She gives me these sad little looks like, "Where's Daddy? Did you lose him? Why aren't you out finding him?" It doesn't help that I tell her Daddy will be back soon, either, as dogs have no concept of time.

I brought her into work today. One small dog is not going to make much of a difference in the general chaos here, anyway. She has her basket and toys and some food and water and I have her leash, and I've been checking on her every hour or so to make sure she's not chewing on pamphlets. If she behaves I may let her into more parts of the building. (One Australian shepherd versus our usual wildlife? I'll take Matilda, any day.)
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Top ten things I like about Matilda
1. When I'm reading on the couch and she sleeps on my stomach
2. Her crazy-happy barking when we get home from work
3. Her little whimpery begging noise when we're cooking dinner
4. The happy yelp when we sneak her some food
5. Playing catch with a ball that's much too big for her mouth. She'll try to carry it anyway.
6. Her doggy-dreams. Her legs will twitch and her tail will thump and sometimes she'll growl.
7. How much she likes just being in the same room with us. She's happy to sit on the floor and doze when we're both in the same room.
8. If we're not in the same room, she'll try to herd us into one--usually me to wherever Lorne is. I think that says something about who she thinks the alpha dog is.
9. How she turns in three circles before she beds down to sleep.
10. That she seems to understand Welsh as well as English. Of course, it's probably mostly tone but still. We've got ourselves one smart pup.
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Happy birthday, Jounouchi and Dean!

Adventures in dog ownership: we tried putting a clock wrapped in a blanket in Matilda's basket like the books say, but she still whined and cried at bedtime. So she's been sleeping on our bed more often than not.

She's doing quite well when we're at work, though. One of the neighborhood girls has a little dog-walking business so we've hired her to walk Mattie if we're going to be late, so Mattie gets to play and we know she'll be fed, and is learning to get along with other dogs. (So, Jou, I think she'll be able to handle meeting Rou sooner than I expected.)

She's lovely to come home to: she goes into ecstasies when we come in the door. It's hard to believe something so small can make so much noise.
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This is Matilda.

We are now doggie-daddies--or rather, Lorne is Daddy and I am Tada. I've been talking to her in Welsh a lot--I hope that isn't too confusing. We spoke to Hwywyr in Welsh when I was kid but rarely in English, but Matilda will be getting both. Maybe we'll have a multi-lingual dog.

(Oh, hush, dogs can so understand two languages.)

Anyway. She's a darling and I love having her in the house. It was love at first sight.


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