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Called into work early. Something serious is afoot. May be unavailable today.
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Just wanted to drop in and say all's well in Cardiff--although, should you ever find a football-sized object in your back garden that is green with blue speckles? Leave it alone.

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I promised Lorne I'd look some things up in The Lord of the Rings, so:

From Chapter 7 of The Fellowship of the Ring:
Very tall they were, and the Lady no less tall than the Lord; and they were grave and beautiful. They were clad wholly in white; and the hair of the Lady was of deep gold, and the hair of the Lord Celeborn was of silver long and bright; but no sign of age was upon them, unless it were in the depths of their eyes; for these were keen as lances in the starlight, and yet profound, the wells of deep memory.

And this is my favorite passage in the entire novel, from chapter 10 of the Two Towers:
"If I'm to go on," he said, "then I must take your sword by your leave, Mr. Frodo, but I'll put this one to lie by you, as it lay by the old king in the barrow; and you've got your beautiful mithril coat from old Mr. Bilbo. And your star-glass, Mr. Frodo, you did lend it to me and I'll need it, for I'll be always in the dark now. It's too good for me, and the Lady gave it to you, but maybe she'd understand. Do you understand, Mr. Frodo? I've got to go on."

Dear Sam. He breaks the heart.

So, there, Lorne. My geekery laid plain for you.
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Having taken the advice you all have so urgently insisted upon, I have only this to say:

It didn't help.

Perhaps it was the circumstances. I would venture to say, in fact, that under vastly different circumstances with vastly different company, it would have been quite lovely.

As it was? There's a reason I stopped doing this. I was reminded of this tonight.

The simple story is: I went to a pub, I pulled a bloke, there were consenting-adult type things, and now I sincerely wish I hadn't.

And no, I'm not telling Jack, because it's generally considered a bad idea to tell someone you want to sleep with that you had cheap meaningless sex without them.

I'm taking another shower. This cologne makes me smell like a gigolo.
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My soul is empty
like a stained coffee cup
or a pot of jam.

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I'm enjoying this blogging thing a lot more than I expected. I've never been one for keeping a diary but it's nice to have a place just to share thoughts and happenings. Like, today at lunch G., T. and I were talking about the weekend in Welsh (G. learned it in school, I learned it at home, and T. is slowly picking it up from talking to us--she's very good at languages, grew up bilingual). Very simple conversation like Beth naethoch achos Pasg? (What did you do for Easter?) and Fel was 'ch benwythnos? (How was your weekend?), but I really enjoyed it.

It's nothing exciting, hardly worth blogging about, I suppose, but still it was a good thing. We often eat lunch together and spend the hour chatting and telling stories, though not in Welsh generally as neither O. nor the Captain speak it (though the Captain likes listening to it--O. just mutters about our strange little language and makes a big show of ignoring us.)

(I am reminded of a folktale the Basques have--the Devil lived in Basque country for a hundred years and when the people finally forced him out he'd only learned the words for Yes and No. Basque is, by all accounts, a difficult language to learn--Welsh is close. We have half-a-dozen ways just to say yes.)

The answer to Beth naethoch achos Pasg?, for those interested, is that I did in fact go to church. The choir sang "Bread of Heaven" and the Passion story was told. All very normal for the day.

I admit at times I wonder why I continue attending church, considering what I know about the universe and all it contains; but there's always a necessity for believing in something greater than yourself, don't you think? There's something comforting in believing there's greater forces at work--unless, for whatever reason, you believe that greater force is not benign. (Certainly a thought that's crossed my mind, given all that's happened in the last year.) Not a subject I'm going to bring up with the vicar at any point, though.

On a lighter note, I have found a few more blogging pastimes over the weekend and intend to incorporate them as the week goes by. For instance:

Make a mini-playlist for Spring. Five songs about Spring, that sound like Spring to you, make you think of Spring, or are good to listen to in Spring. I'll post that after I've had a think on it. (Source.)

[ooc: not plotty or anything. I just like posting in Ianto's voice :D.]
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It's my birthday.

My mum called early this morning (to catch me before I left for work, she said) and we had a brief chat. (With scolding that I don't call enough, of course.) She wanted to know all the usual things: am I dating again yet, how's the job, when am I coming to visit.

All's well with the family. Brother #2 is going to be a dad.

It's not the kind of thing I've brought up at work, so unless someone's been reading my personnel files I don't expect anyone to know or make a fuss. I may go out tonight, though. I can't remember the last time I went to the pub.

I think I'll do that playlist thing later.
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Back to work today. Other injuries are still healing but the head is all right. I think we're all still feeling a bit fragile, and the Captain was hovering like a nursemaid.

As far as team bonding experiences go, I think we should have gone with the laser tag.
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Now that I've had a rest (and so many painkillers it's a wonder I can feel my own fingers) I can go into a little more detail.

My first field expedition in over a year: we were on an investigation in the countryside, and things got complicated--and quite ugly, really. The whole team survived, at least. G. and I were injured worst, O. and T. with some bruises and scrapes (and a bad scare in T.'s case--probably in O.'s as well, not that he'd ever let it show), and the Captain is fine, as always. (You see the expression "with guns blazing" all the time but that's the first time I've actually seen guns blaze.) At any rate, I've been ordered in no uncertain terms to continue taking it easy for another few days, and then back to work.

Posting while concussed is rather like posting while drunk. Good for blackmail purposes later.

The worst part (aside from the pain--and the dizziness, and the nausea) is the dreams, I think. I know this is normal for a concussion, and O. says taking something to help me sleep will only make it worse, so I'm just enduring. But I'd rather not have them. Any good cures for nightmares I should know about?

Also, I am never eating veal again.
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I have a concusssion. I probbly shouldnt' be at the computer but I'm bored. This not being able to sleep is stupid.

The lsson for the week is, Never trust poepel who live in remote villages.

My head hurts.
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I've decided to take advantage of the anonymity of the internet and write about some things I can't keep to myself any longer. Human connections have got harder and harder to find lately--my own fault, I suppose, getting so absorbed in work and--things. Other things. Other things I can't talk about in a public forum, ha ha.

Why am I doing this again?

My name is Ianto. That's YAN-toe. It's the Welsh equivalent of being named Johnny, basically. I live in Cardiff, Wales. Where's Wales, you might ask? Well, picture the island of Britain as your hand. Your left hand, for purposes of this demonstration. Your fingers are Scotland, your palm is England, and the pad under your thumb--that's Wales. It's a tiny, rainy, green country that I adore with all my heart. (Even if I complain a bit about the rain, but who doesn't complain about rain?)

I'll have to filter things about work. It's the kind of job you both love and hate--it's the best job I've ever had and the most frustrating, the worst and the most fulfilling. I could tell you things that'll curl your toenails, but I won't. Not in this entry, anyway. Suffice to say I come home to sleep, shower and change clothes, and then it's back again. All this on a secretary's salary, but that's another subject for another day.

And then there's my boss. Who definately is another subject for another day.


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