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Character Name: Ianto Jones
Series: Torchwood
Point in canon: Post-series 3, "Children of Earth."
Character Background and Personality:

Torchwood takes place in a universe where the Earth has been invaded by aliens numerous times and aliens live among us, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. There's also a nasty thing called the Rift that arbitrarily snatches people and things and flings them to parts unknown throughout the universe. The Torchwood Institute was founded to defend the Earth from alien invaders. Over time it has expanded to also study, and occasionally protect, aliens that come to Earth.

And defend it with really big guns.

At first glance, Ianto Jones looks like an accountant: perfectly tailored suit, not a hair out of place, notebook in hand. You'd never think he's capable of anything like naked hide-and-seek (after hours, of course) or tasering someone in the face because that someone threatened his friends.

Ianto has a polite, calm exterior--one might even say "unflappable"--which disguises a man of strong emotions. He loves deeply, and is loyal and trusting to those who have earned it. (Few people have.) He is gentle by nature: when a memory-fueled alien made him believe he was a serial killer, Ianto was devastated and insisted on being locked up before he hurt anyone else. He's resourceful (he captured a pterodactyl using a chocolate bar); brave (while he and a colleague were captured by cannibals he distracted their captor with a headbutt so his colleague could escape); and snarky (too many incidents to count). He knows everything (according to one of the comics he has a photographic memory) and he's not afraid to say so.

His coffee is amazing.

Ianto is used to keeping his thoughts and emotions to himself: what he thinks and feels isn't of interest to anyone but himself, is how he sees it. This has led to some difficulties in his relationships with family and friends, who complain they never know what he's thinking. It's rare that Ianto lets down his guard enough to let people in, and even then he may not be entirely open. He's not above lying to impress someone, either.

Like many Torchwood employees, Ianto died young. I'd like to bring him in after his canon-death, the third series "Children of Earth."

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. Canonically he has had both a girlfriend (Lisa Hallett) and a boyfriend (Jack Harkness). In canon he says, "It's not men, it's just [Jack]," but I would like to let him test those boundaries. Spinoff materials suggest Ianto is not very sexually experienced; given the opportunity, he may discover it's not just Jack.

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