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wE WaNT tEn PeRCenT oF tHE ChilDren OF tHiS woRld.

It's like something out of the stories Ianto loves. The monster in the night. The threat to the innocent. The wounded knight looking for redemption.

"In 1965, I gave them twelve children."

"You are in every nightmare I've ever had!"

Jack died again today. "This is normal," says Gwen. "This is what he does." It may be normal but Ianto has never gotten used to it, can never treat it casually. Even if he's shocked at Jack's story--and he is--he can't treat his dying casually.

But this is normal. This is what Jack does.

"A man who can't die has got nothing to fear."

"And what if we refuse?"

WE wIlL wIPe oUt yOuR ENtIrE spEciEs.

He finds Jack alone. Jack's guilt is written all over his face.

Ianto doesn't yell. Now isn't the time for anger. He's trying to offer comfort, but Jack is so ... unwilling to take it.

"This must have been eating away at you."

No answer.

"Why didn't you tell me? I could have helped."

"No, you couldn't."

"I tell you everything."

Jack looks at him, finally. "Yes, so tell me, what could have I done?"

"You could have stood up to them. The Jack I know would have stood up to them."

Jack scowls.

"I've only just scraped the surface, haven't I?"

"Ianto, that's all there is." Bitterly.

"No. You pretend that's all there is."

"I've lived a long time. I have done a lot of things."

Ianto swallows.

"I've got to go. I won't be long."

"You're doing it again," Ianto says to Jack's back. "Speak to me, Jack. Where are you going?"

Jack whirls on him. "To call Frobisher. I can't make the call from here, 'cause they'll be able to trace us. Is that okay?"

"You're the boss," Ianto says as steadily as he can.

"And just so you know, I have a daughter called Alice and a grandson called Steven, and Frobisher took them hostage yesterday."

Ianto says nothing to that. What can he say? But he's left behind now as Jack stalks out, handling it--the threat to the world, the threat to his family--on his own.

The cabinet ... haggles. Comes to consensus, finally. A compromise. Frobisher presents the number.

"Six thousand. Seven hundred. Six. Seven. Zero. Zero."

thREe. TWo. FiVE. ZeRo zErO ZErO.

"If we can't identify the lowest acheiving ten percent of this country's children, then what are the school league tables for?"

"We have enough evidence recorded here to destroy every person in that room," says Gwen.

"And we can use it to force our way into Thames House and finally get face-to-face this thing," Jack responds.

There are nods all around, and Ianto hurries to join Jack and bring the weapons.

"Let's go stand up to them," says Jack to Ianto, and they tuck their guns into their waistbands.

"Yes, sir."

They will stand up.

He makes one more phone call to Rhia. To warn her of what's coming. To warn everyone listening.

"I love you. Don't let the kids out of your sight. I love them, too. I'm even warming to Johnny a bit."

"We play the part of naive dupes rather than willing accomplices.

"Torchwood has been recordin every one of these meetings. Everything that's been said, every single word said by every one of you, will be made public unless you do exactly what Torchwood says."

"You're going to stand aside and let him do his job, and deal with the 456. Immediately."

YOu yEilDeD iN thE pasT. yOU wILl dO sO aGAin.

"The human race in defense of its children will fight to the death, and if I have to lead them into battle, I will."

This is his Jack. His hero.

"Check your records. His name is Captain Jack Harkness. Go back a hundred and fifty years and see what you're facing."

ThE hUMan ReSpOnse iS tO aCCepT AnD ADapT.

"We're adapting right now and we're making this a war."

tHeN thE fIGHt bEgins.

Nothing happens. "We're waiting for your reply."

ACtIoN hAs bEEn tAekEn.

Doors start slamming. Alarms start blaring. Lights start flashing.

Jack tries to warn the inhabitants of the building. Stop the air conditioning. Get gas masks, hazard suits.

Ianto tries to threaten. If the 456 have released a virus, there must be an anti-virus.

yOu wiLL dIe. EvEn NoW.

Their bullets are useless against the glass.

Jack grabs Ianto's shoulders. "We've got to get you out of here. I can survive anything but you can't."

But Ianto knows. He's already staggering, already feeling dizzy and weak. "It's too late. I've breathed the air."

Ianto has never seen Jack so desperate. "There's got to be something! There's got to be an antidote!"

yOU sAiD yoU WoULd fIghT.

"I take it back, all right? I take it all back but not him!"

Ianto falls.

The halls are littered with the dead and dying. They've fallen on the stairs. They're crushed against the doors.

Finally he can say it, what he's been trying to show, trying to imply, over all these years. No time like the present, when the present is all the time you've got. "I love you."

Jack's eyes are wet. "Don't."

"Don't forget me." Ianto's are too. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. They were supposed to have so much time, all the time in the universe.

"Never could."

"A thousand years' time, you won't remember me."

"Yes, I will." He holds Ianto closer, touches his face. "I promise. I will."

Ianto never hears that promise.

"Ianto. Ianto. Don't go. Don't leave me, please. Please, don't."

yOU wIlL dIe. ANd toMorrOw, yOur PeOPle wiLL deLIvEr thE cHiLDrEn.

Jack tries to save him with a kiss.

But that only works in fairy tales.

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