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likesthecoat ([personal profile] likesthecoat) wrote2010-01-03 08:28 pm
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Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope your holidays were as lovely as ours.

Father Christmas came for the children, of course, and they were up early to see what he brought. Kai was a bit baffled by all the gifts and food, but he's a mellow child and pretty much just rolled with it.

(And between family, friends, and Torchwood, he made out like a bandit.)

[Filtered to Jounouchi]

Jou, thank you so much for the gifts. The boys loved their four-wheelers (steered by Da and Daddy) and I'm emailing you the pictures I took.

And everything else was just stunning in its generosity. You're a good friend to our boys and believe me, the families appreciate it. You should be getting a thank-you note from Ellie soon.

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