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Ianto Jones is a member of Torchwood, Cardiff's most secret well known non-government agency. They're bent on arming the human race against the future, with alien technology that falls through the Rift. He takes care of the Hub's public front, updates their website, makes coffee, does the filing, orders take-out, cleans up after the rest of the crew and looks good in a suit. He's a resourceful young Welshman, often coming to the rescue when the team's all-powerful technology locks down, runs away, or otherwise fails to work.

He knows where all the bodies are buried, because he was the one in charge of burying them.

Ianto is a quiet, disciplined young man who works for the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff, Wales. He also worked for Torchwood I in London before it was destroyed in the Battle of Canary Wharf. He has a wry sense of humor and makes really great coffee. He's pretty unflappable in the face of the various aliens he encounters due to the space/time rift that runs through Cardiff. He's also the "cleaner" for Torchwood: he knows where the bodies are buried, as he buried them himself. He also takes out the garbage and receives the pizza.

Ianto's character description at the official Torchwood site is this: "Ianto projects a polite, efficient and calm exterior, but underneath are hidden depths of anguish and darkness waiting to be revealed." He is scarily efficient in his work, though he's inexperienced in field ops. He's not afraid to fire a gun when the need arises, or fight to protect someone he cares about. He's not judgmental of other people's lifestyles, and is more likely to be helpful than brusque.

The calm exterior is a defense mechanism against how deeply and fully he feels things: he's a "live-and-die-for-love" kind of guy. He had a girlfriend called Lisa who he met at Torchwood I, and who was partially converted into a cyberwoman when the Cybermen/Dalek invasion occurred (this refers to a Dr. Who series 2 episode, Doomsday.) He brought her to Torchwood 3, built a life support system for her under her instructions, and tried to find a way to make her human again. This did not work out.

Ianto's family his is sister, Rhiannon, her husband Johnny, and their children David and Mischa. Their parents have passed away. Ianto likes old things: old movies, fob watches, paper diaries, Jack. He grew up in Cardiff and has lived there most of his life, except when he lived in London and worked for Torchwood 1.

His relationship with Jack is a complicated one: after Lisa's death all Ianto had left was Torchwood, and Jack basically is Torchwood, so Ianto devoted himself to Jack. At first it was based entirely on mutual attraction and a great deal of banter; however, since Jack's return from traveling with the Doctor their relationship has taken on a deeper tone. Ianto isn't sure yet if it's love, but he's willing to find out.

Appearance: Ianto is human, in his mid-twenties, six feet tall and slender, with dark hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a suit (dark colors, blue or black, with brighter shirts and ties.) He looks good in red.

Ianto Jones is from the TV series Torchwood, and is the property of the BBC and Russel T. Davies, among others. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar and [info]microcosm_rp, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. He is played by Gareth David-Lloyd, who of course belongs to himself.

Ianto-mun: [info]misslucyjane

This character is retired.

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