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There is a video no one will ever see.

(No final logout, no final video.)

Ianto speaks very plainly and simply.

"Torchwood employees die young. I've always known this. If you're seeing this, it means I did not beat the odds.

"I would like to say, most of all, how happy I was with my life. I had a gorgeous husband, a darling son, coworkers I could trust and a family I adored. All of these things are worth living and fighting for--and dying for.

"If I have lost--if I am dead--know that it is without regrets."

Only now does emotion well up in his eyes.

"Lorne, I love you. I love you with every breath and every heartbeat. You are the best thing to happen to me.

"Gwen. You have always been amazing to me. All the things I could never be. Warm and loving and open to everyone. You're going to make a great mam someday.

"Jack." He pauses, smiles. "You'll forget me. But I hope not soon.

"I know Kai will never see this, but all three of you must kiss him for me and tell him Tada--" His voice shakes again and he pauses to steady it. "Tell him Tada wishes he could kiss him good night."

He smiles again and shuts off the camera.