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OOM: the Hub

Ianto is filing.

It's repetitive and soothing and doesn't require much thought, so his mind is wandering a bit.

At the moment it's wandering to Milliways and Mike's job offer, and how much fun it would be to have a regular schedule where he can experiment a bit more than he does at Torchwood, and where he can have a permanent room there for him to sneak Jack to when they need some time away . . .

And he still owes Duck a fairy tale.

And Valentine's Day is coming up.

And the file folders sliding against each other sound like holding a seashell to your ear.

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Bowie, huh? Hmm...I'd say you're more Clive Barker-ish...

And did you notice they didn't have Rupaul as one of the choices? **smirks**

Although kudos to getting of my favourite B-movies was Army of Darkness. ^_^

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I'd say you're more Clive Barker-ish
. . . because I'm dark and broody, of course.

Rupaul isn't so much an inner gay man as he is an outer gay woman. Or something.

Army of Darkness is one of those movies I never set out to watch but never turn off when I come across it. I'm the same way about Jaws.

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Rupaul isn't so much an inner gay man as he is an outer gay woman. Or something.

Hn...heavy on the 'or something'.

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Whatever it is, it's fabulous, darling.

Lord, that felt weird.

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Next time, try it wearing a wig, crimson lipstick and a feather boa...might feel more natural...

...Just a suggestion... ~_^

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*sigh* I make a very unbelievable woman. Trust me.

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It sounds as though there's an interesting story there... Care to share?..

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It's not that much of a story, really. There's a comedy troupe at Cambridge called the Footlights that one of my friends was in, and once they needed somebody to drag up for a skit and convinced me to do it.

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How much 'convincing' did it take, really?.. ;D

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Not much, but the booze helped.

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Hn...Yes, alcohol...the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. ^_^

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

(Though lately I've more of a scotch man, myself.)

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I've always been partial to wines, sake in particular.

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Now I want sushi for supper. Sushi and some warm saki . . .

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Good luck in your quest, and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, look me up. I'll make it for you.

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There's actually a good sushi place near my flat. I know what I'm having for supper tomorrow.

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...You're mean, did you know that?

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I beg to differ. The quiz said I'm practically a saint.

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...The quizzes also said you're David Bowie.

Either you have a secret fetish for glittery spandex, or we can safely assume that they are occasionally wrong.

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We could be heroes. Just for one day.

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I'm now wearing my glass of water. Thank you for that.

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You're welcome.
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Some stray folders are being dangled by Ianto's ear.

Given Jack's general dramatic and flamboyant nature, it probably isn't right that he's that good at sneaking up on people. But then, as noted, it's probably that Ianto was distracted.

Whatever the reason, Jack's grinning, pleased with himself.

"Another one done with that I never have to see again," he says cheerily. "Hide it away for me?"
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"Ianto, you know I prefer to use my spelunking equipment for better things than that."

Interpret as you will.

"How's things?"
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"I remember."

He wanders around to lean against the wall, arms folded as Ianto carries on.

"You provided me with coffee when I was in sore need. It's not unusual, but always welcome."
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"Picking up two paychecks instead of one, huh? Sneaky."

Jack grins to show he's not automatically against the idea, whilst turning it over in his mind.

"How does the time difference work out for you? Full time stop when you're there, or what?"
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Ianto, Jack is very proud.

(Just because he doesn't have an innocent face himself doesn't mean he can't appreciate it in others.)

"That's good," he says thoughtfully. "Means you're unlikely to get burned out working too much. Your door's reliable?"

Jack has certain Experiences with disappearing doors.
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Oh right, responsibility and decision-making.

"I am, yeah. It's a good gig, and if you want it, I think you go for it."
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Jack grins, twisting a finger in Ianto's tie with no regard for wrinkles.

"I think you'll be damn good. Handpicked, no less."

Thoughtful beat.

"This means when we're at the bar, you'll be the one with the authority."
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Jack looks mildly disappointed.

"Good," he says unconvincingly.
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Jack transitions into a slightly filthy smile, leaning back against the wall more loosely than before.

"Good," he says again, in a rather different tone of voice.
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"You usually do, if I recall," Jack says dryly.

A little more circumspectly, perhaps.

"I definitely look forward to whatever you come up with."
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Jack grins slowly. Ianto is the only person who's taken care of him in a very long time. It's a rather nice feeling.

He pushes himself up from the wall, and leans over to kiss him just below the ear as he passes.

"Don't be too long," he says, the warmth of his voice softening the admonishment, and heads off up the stairs.