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a very parenthetical entry

Kai played football this weekend for the first time. He had the unfair advantage of being tiny and adorable, and so the opposing team let him get in several goals and wasn't too fussed about fouls and outs. (We'll worry more about rules when we put him on an actual team in a year or two.)

(Lorne made a lot of noises about baseball being a superior game, but I've been to a baseball game and I know the truth about that I exaggerate. He's just glad it's not rugby. He's familiar with the scars I have from it.

Baseball is still a very slow game. Verrrry slooooooow.)

(He also shouted "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooalllllllllllll!!!" a lot, even when nobody made a goal, which confused Kai.)

(My husband is a dork.)

(Love you, baby.)

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I would never, in a million years, suggest that baseball is in anyway superior to football. However much I love baseball.

[ooc: Lorne's totally a soccer player... :)]

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[ooc: Should I change that? Was it rugby he didn't want Kai to play?]

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[ooc: I think it was rugby, yeah. (Or maybe American football? Gah! Can't remember.) He's a big fan of soccer.]

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I'm just going to remind you how cute you were running around with Kai, trying to get him to guard the ball.

Because you have to admit, it was pretty damn cute.

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Yeah, it was pretty damn cute.

He'll get it eventually. He's not even three yet. Defense is a bit much to expect, I guess.

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At least he enjoys the running around part. And the kicking.

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Which is a really good start.

Maybe he'll grow up to play in the premiere league...

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We can teach him to say Clwb PĂȘl-droed Dinas Caerdydd like a good Welshman.

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Or he could play for a good team...

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Oi! Watch it!

[ooc: Didn't we give Kai a third birthday at some point recently?]

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You know I love you, baby.

[ooc: He'll be three in June.]

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I know you do. Cardiff FC isn't so bad. They're trying to qualify for a premiere league--that's something, yeah?

[ooc: Okay, I was thinking he'd had his birthday already.]

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Yeah, it's something.

Maybe he can play for the national team! Then he could do premiere league and still do Wales proud.

[ooc: Nope. He's a summer baby. :)]

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Or maybe he'll be a chess champion.

I am open to any possibility at this point.

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I'd be okay with chess champion.

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Me too. A football-playing chess champion and Oxford don.


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Who flies planes on the weekends.

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YES. That sounds like a perfect future for him. Let's get on that.

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I'm sure there's a special school of some sort for future geniuses.

Oh, man. We should probably start looking at preschools seriously, shouldn't we?

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Yes, we should.

...I've rather toyed with putting him in my old school, but I don't know how he'd handle the Welsh.

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That's a thought.

He's doing pretty good with the Welsh you speak to him. And he's young enough still he'd pick it up real quick.

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He does seem to understand it well.

Maybe we should visit the school and see if it seems like the place for him.

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Yeah. It'd be a good place to start looking anyway.

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We need to make friends with some other parents so we have people to ask about things like this.

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Maybe we should go to the park.

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And maybe some of those story times at the bookstore.

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It shouldn't be hard to find other people with kids.

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...are we going to make friends? Oh my. Hold me.

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We are. With people. People who quite probably have normal lives.

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It's okay, baby. We can do this.

For Kai.

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[ooc: Yis.]