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It's one in the morning and they're all gathered around monitors and TVs, watching and speculating, new recruits and long-time veterans. There are questions, so many questions, and nobody really has the answers.

The sphere appear. "Where is the master?" they ask in their sweet, deceptive voices.

"I will be your master," the president says and seconds later he is blasted into dust.

The Master leaps up and brandishes his weapon. "HERE! COME! THE! DRUMS!"

The sky splits open and a thousand--a million--six billion spheres descend.

And the Earth burns.

and then time snaps. "What happened?" everyone says, and no one really knows.
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Ianto hangs the Closed sign in the tourist office and locks the door. The fridge in their little kitchen is stocked for the night, though he makes a mental note to buy more coffee soon: everyone is mainlining the stuff, especially Gwen, as if she's afraid if she closes her eyes whatever tie Jack still has to earth will be broken.

He's managed to convince her to eat a few times, though. He considers that a minor triumph.

We can't make this better for each other, he thinks as he scans the Plass for Lorne, and feels a little guilty that he has a place of refuge--but not enough that he'll tell Lorne to go home.

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There is a room. In the room there is a bed. In the bed is a tuxedo. In the tuxedo is a man.

Ianto toes off his shoes and lies back, listening to quiet settle over the house.

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At precisely 12:15, Ianto straightens his tie, puts up a "Closed for Lunch" sign on the tourist office door, and goes down into the Hub proper to Jack's office. He raps on the door with his knuckles. "Sir?"
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Ianto's stop at the shop is as quick as he can make it, and he's whistling as he carries a six-pack of (very good, very dark) beer up to the flat.

He can smell the spices and tomatoes in the hallway, and it makes him smile. He unlocks his door and calls out, "Honey, I'm home!" in the best American accent he can do.

. . . which isn't very.

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In the end, Ianto decided not to buy flowers.

He stands on the platform where the 1755 from Crewe will stop, his hands in his pockets. As usual, he appears calm--as usual, he's not quite what he appears. There are always questions when you meet someone for the first time--but it feels different even now than it did when he was waiting for Martha and Sam and Near.

It's the difference, he muses, between waiting for someone you like and waiting for someone you love.

But before he can think on it further, there's the train.

Ianto takes a deep breath. Straightens his tie. Smiles despite his nerves. And waits for Lorne.

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