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The key is not to panic.

I've run into Daleks before, at Torchwood London. They are ruthless. They are hugely xenophobic, to the point that all other life forms are worthy only of death. And they are nigh unto impossible to kill.

If you see one, don't even run. They'll just shoot you in your tracks. Surrender instead. It may earn you a few more minutes of life.

I'm hopeful it's just our Earth they're invading. I pray that's so.

Stay safe, all of you. Hold tight to your loved ones.

Oh, God, Kai-baby. Daddy and Tada love you so much.

[Private Entry]

I have never seen Jack just shut down the way he has. Somehow, that scares me more than the rest of this.
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Lorne has updated you on the situation, and I want to add thank you for all the love you've shown us.

As long as there's a Britain there will be a Torchwood. We will keep calm and carry on.

Or rather, we will carry on tomorrow. As for tonight, my duties are done here and I'm going home.

I love you all very much, and Lorne, I love you most of all.
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The pumpkin pie wasn't a complete disaster. Kai loved the whipped cream.

I loved having everyone here for dinner. That was the best part.

I love you, baby. Thank you for our family.
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Owen has safely arrived in Cardiff and is at the Hub.
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[Filtered to Owen]

Owen, how soon could you be on a plane and come back to Cardiff?
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[Filtered to friends]

Jack is cross with me, Gwen is cross with Jack, and I suspect Lorne is cross with Jack and me.

Fun times.

You see, there was a boy named Jonah Bevan. He disappeared seven months ago, and came back about four months ago. But he came back different--came back aged and wounded and mad.

I thought I was doing the right thing, letting Gwen know where Jonah could be found, but now Gwen is even further disillusioned, Jonah's mother doesn't want to see him, and Jack and I had a long talk involving words like "trust" and "secrets." Well, he did most of the talking. Well, yelling. Well, not that much yelling. Jack rarely yells at me. What he does is worse--he's disappointed.

And that's . . . that's hard to take.

So I'm home now and playing with Kai, since he loves me unconditionally and never looks at me like I've broken his heart. It's always good to be reminded of why we do this.
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[Filtered to Lorne]

Lorne, if you're around, please tag. Our visitor died last night, and. God. Just please tag if you can.
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[Filtered to Torchwood]

The shopping expedition was mostly successful today, though Diane was troubled by the warnings on the cigarette boxes and John was shocked by the flagrant nudity on magazine covers. Emma bought far too many sweets.

John worries me most: he's a old-world type of fellow and his world has passed on. We may want to keep in close touch with him for a while, even after we get them settled in.
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We're back, somewhat worse for the wear.

I really have nothing to add to it at this time.

[Filtered to Jack, Owen, Gwen and Tosh]

Ok - here is your Beginner's Guide to NLP. Enjoy.

copied to the Hub intraweb )

[Filtered to Jack]

Hi Captain

As requested, here's a bit of info about cults. To sum it up, we're pretty much a cult down here but to go into more detail...

sent over Hub email )

[ooc: Both reports can be found on the Torchwood official site.]
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[Filtered to Lorne]

Because you worry :).

We've had an old colleague return unexpectedly, and it's causing some tension. However, her knowledge in this case may be invaluable, so we're doing our best to work together.

So that's what's up with me. I can't exactly say "all's well," but it certainly could be worse.

[Filtered to Owen, Gwen, Tosh and Jack]

I'm perfectly content with turning over all duties of tending to Suzie to Gwen. I'm not certain I could look her in the eye, to be frank.

[ooc: mun is fleeing for chiropractor's and supper. will be back later.]
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[Filtered to Lorne]

Your package arrived today. I have no idea what to do with the rods but I'm sure I can figure it out. The mead will have to wait until I'm off-duty again.

Martha sent me a journal the other day with some photographs of her own, and I've put your pictures in there as well for the time being. Next time you send me a picture of you, I hope you're more than a background figure. (Sheppard looks exactly how I imagined, right down to the perma-bedhead.)

I'm sorry I was an arse yesterday. I do get a little jealous sometimes--or more realistically, envious, because they get to spend time with you and I don't. And all this happening here--it's shaping up to be much more than it initially appeared, and we're all under some stress. That's no excuse, of course.

When things are back to normal you and I can have a good long talk, I hope.

[Filtered to Martha]

I haven't forgotten your playlist: I'm working on it, but won't have access to my music files for a bit.

[Filtered to Jack, Gwen, Tosh and Owen]

The other day I received some dragon's beard candy from Hakkai. I've put the box in the kitchen, and you're welcome to help yourself. He suggests you let it melt in your mouth rather than chew it.
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[Private Entry]

  • ritual murder? too specific to be a random act of violence (plus message on the wall)

  • someone with a grudge against the Institute (check on surviving Torchwood 1 employees)

  • current status of all people to whom we've given Retcon (all-nighter--check coffee supply)

  • personal vendetta? not just against the Institute but against someone specifically?

  • commonalities between the three victims--choice of victims not following typical serial killer behavior

Apropos of nothing: I miss Lorne.
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[Filtered to Friends]

Called into work early. Something serious is afoot. May be unavailable today.
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[Filtered to friendslist]

It says something rather dismaying about our lives that when I notice one of my colleagues is happier than usual, my first thought is "Uh-oh."


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