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[Filtered to friends]

Today was a rather terrifying day to be a parent. Kai seems to be unharmed from the ... whatever it was. (Jack theorized that it was a pulse of some kind, but that was before the second ... whatever it was.) Matilda is keeping close to him, of course.

Anyway, we're working on it. I came home basically for us to have supper together and kiss Kai goodnight, and then it's back to work.
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Owen has safely arrived in Cardiff and is at the Hub.
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[Filtered to Owen]

Owen, how soon could you be on a plane and come back to Cardiff?
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[Filtered to friends]

Jack is cross with me, Gwen is cross with Jack, and I suspect Lorne is cross with Jack and me.

Fun times.

You see, there was a boy named Jonah Bevan. He disappeared seven months ago, and came back about four months ago. But he came back different--came back aged and wounded and mad.

I thought I was doing the right thing, letting Gwen know where Jonah could be found, but now Gwen is even further disillusioned, Jonah's mother doesn't want to see him, and Jack and I had a long talk involving words like "trust" and "secrets." Well, he did most of the talking. Well, yelling. Well, not that much yelling. Jack rarely yells at me. What he does is worse--he's disappointed.

And that's . . . that's hard to take.

So I'm home now and playing with Kai, since he loves me unconditionally and never looks at me like I've broken his heart. It's always good to be reminded of why we do this.
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We only saved one.

[ooc: IC comments are turned off.]
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[Filtered to friends]

Macsen is safely with our parents, and I know the whole story now. He overreacted to a situation, but I don't expect the consequences will be as dire as he thought. Still, I've contacted a few people to help. We'll see.

Meantime, an old cinema we used to go to when I was a child reopened last night and I took Gwen, Owen and Lorne to opening night. It's meant to be a revival house but I don't think it's going to work out quite as the owners hoped.

It was actually quite a long night last night. I don't think things are finished yet, either.
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Lorne and I are in Denver again. I get my first American Thanksgiving! The boys were thrilled to have us here--Liam is still on the couch with me, in fact, and seems reluctant to go to bed. In fact he wants to type a little.

Hi this is Liam! Im typing on uncle ianto's Computer! He's telling me how to spell stuff! Tomorrow we will eat turkey! Bye!

So there you have it.

Apparently it's part of the tradition to meditate on what you're thankful for, so.

*I am thankful for my beautiful city, which has always been a place of refuge and comfort for me.
*I am thankful for my family, who love me unconditionally.
*I am thankful for my meatspace friends, who began as coworkers and became so much more.
*I am thankful for my online friends, who are so much more than merely words on the screen.
*I am thankful for Lorne's family, who welcomed me as a part of them without question.
*I am thankful for Lorne. He brings so much peace and happiness to my life, and I love him beyond measure.

Happy Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate.
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Just popping in to say Gwen C and her lad are safely married.

Yes, there's a story to it.

I also got to play DJ.

There's a story to that, too.

I had to buy a new wedding dress for Gwen (don't ask) and the bloke at the store thought I was buying for me.

Ah, Torchwood.
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Lorne went early this morning to get his family from the airport. I assume they're at the house now, settling in and recovering from jetlag. I hope that's what they're doing, anyway.

Me, I'm stuck at work for the next several hours.

[Filtered to Lorne]
Baby, something happened earlier that I can't quite explain. I'm fine, I'm not hurt, no need to worry. But you may want to come into the Hub this afternoon and see this for yourself.
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[Filtered to friends]

We are having interesting days here in Cardiff.

Believe me when I say I wish I could explain, but I can't.

Hold tight to your loved ones, like I'm going to hold tight to Lorne tonight.

[ooc: ICC comments are turned off. *wibbles*]


Aug. 30th, 2008 04:04 pm
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DR. OWEN HARPER is not allowed to gesture, gesticulate, aim, level, direct or otherwise point any instrument at his team mates until he 1)knows exactly what they do and 2)knows exactly how their aiming functionality works. He is not allowed to use anything that fires within the Hub proper until the above criteria have been met unless he is in the shooting range.

DR. OWEN HARPER must also to spend more time at said shooting range, as his aim is in desperate need of improvement.
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[Filtered to Torchwood]

The brothers and their cohorts are home. By tomorrow morning this will all be nothing more than a bad hangover.

The creature will be completely incinerated by midnight. I agree with Owen that a general alert is not necessary, but I have paperwork for a beef recall on hand should we decide otherwise. I'll assume all lunch orders should be white meat or meatless for the next few weeks, though.

Tasers: recharging.

[Filtered to Lorne]

You were brilliant, baby. And you didn't even need a Scooby snack.
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[Filtered to Owen, Jack, Lorne, Gwen, Toshiko]

This morning I cleaned out the refrigerator. The following items were inside. Could the owners of these items please make themselves known. Any items not claimed by the end of the day will be disposed of.

* 1x energy drink (half-empty)
* 1x sparkling mineral water (half-empty, flat)
* 2x apples
* 1x pork pie
* 3x milk (actually just 1 now, I threw the others away)
* 1x tomato ketchup
* 1x leftover beef chow mein (probably inedible)
* 1x Cornish pasty
* 1x alien blood sample (OWEN I WARNED YOU ABOUT THIS)
* 4x probiotic yogurt drinks
* 2x salami snacks

Thank you for your kind attention.

[Filtered to Jack]

I found the "Mum's the Word" pamphlet you wanted. It's from 1979. Surely we have a more up-to-date employee introductory manual to give to Lorne?

[Filtered to Lorne]

Welcome to your first day of work, baby. Play nice with the other kids.

[ooc: La la la.]
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As I'm sure you've guessed by now, we're back from the States. Lorne's family were lovely: I think Emma has decided I'll make an acceptable brother-in-law, and the boys liked me.

We spent the weekend packing and we hope to be moved into the new house by the end of the week. Just in time for guests! This means buying a guest bed, so I really don't have one at the moment. We don't have one. I'll get used to saying that eventually. We're also discussing names for a dog.

Meantime Cardiff didn't fall into a hole while we were gone. Yay for that.

I see we have a great many new people, so hello, I'm Ianto.
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Now that I've had a little time to process it all, a reconstruction:

  • Q swaps bodies among several members of TIC, including Jack and Lorne.
  • A ZPM, the main power source of Ancient technology, falls through the Rift into Cardiff.
  • Ba'al, a Go'auld (Ancient pseudo-god*), follows it through.
  • Ba'al tracks the ZPM to the Hub.
  • Ba'al leaves his current host body and attaches himself to Jack (who is, let's remember in Lorne's body at the time.)
  • In the process, Jack gets killed. Being Jack, he doesn't stay dead.
  • All the more reason for Ba'al to stay with Jack. Only . . .
  • Q swaps everybody back. So:
  • Ba'al is now in Lorne's body, with his ordinary mortality. Ba'al wants Jack's immortality back.
  • Ba'al leaves Lorne's body, trying to get back into Jack's
  • At which point we shoot it.

I think I got all of it.

*Babylonian? Seem to remember him in the Bible. Elisha or Elijah. Blood sacrifice?
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We are all recovered from this weekend.

And I have found this.

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at

Yes, we are that cute.


Jun. 7th, 2008 09:48 pm
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[Private Entry]

Owen was knocked out for a few hours by a stun gun--well, stun stick, I suppose--and Jack is currently in the cells because he's possessed by an alien entity.

Fucking Torchwood.

At least Lorne is here. We're still not at a place where we can hold hands and be comfortable again, but he's smiling at me sometimes.

It helps.

Looks like it's going to be an all-nighter, figuring this out.
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[Filtered to friends]

Somebody tried to break into my workplace today. This has never happened. (People have tried to break out or hold us in, but break in? New.)

(And aggravating.)

[Filtered to Torchwood]

More reports of a man with glowing eyes around the city. I've retconned three witnesses but if this continues it may get to the media. We need an independent consultant, so I'm going home to talk to Lorne.
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[Filtered to Torchwood]

Rift activity in Butetown, a big spike. We may have a visitor.
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I took Lorne up to the Orkney Islands for his birthday. (And so I'd get a little vacation: Lorne made me promise not to think about the wedding or the house while we were there. I managed, mostly.) We got back late last night. No TV for four days, and I haven't even looked at a newspaper until today.

And now there's a bloody great hole where Los Angeles used to be.


(I asked Jack this morning why he didn't call me back and he gave me the most innocent look ever and said, "I wanted to prove we can manage without you--and look! The world's still here!"

This time, Harkness. This time.)


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