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[Private Entry]
Back in my own body. Thank God. Being Jack for a few days is fun but I'd rather just be myself.

[Filtered to Friends]

So, as you may or may not know, I'm getting married today. A lot of you will be there (Hiiii) but for those of you who won't, this is one of the wedding favors and the most easily sharable.

songs we love )

See you all later, probably after the honeymoon.

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Lorne went early this morning to get his family from the airport. I assume they're at the house now, settling in and recovering from jetlag. I hope that's what they're doing, anyway.

Me, I'm stuck at work for the next several hours.

[Filtered to Lorne]
Baby, something happened earlier that I can't quite explain. I'm fine, I'm not hurt, no need to worry. But you may want to come into the Hub this afternoon and see this for yourself.
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We have survived the bachelor party.

It is a very good thing I have a good hangover cure, that's all I can say.

[ooc: I actually don't have any plans to do a backdated bachelor party thread, and didn't feel like it was worth putting one up with so many participants AFK this weekend, so for now handwavey will do, I hope.]
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This morning Lorne and I went to the registry office to declare intent.

We're getting married in 18 days.

Pretty fucking amazing, really.
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So many out of town guests, not enough time.

This is the schedule I have:
  • Friday October 10th: bachelor party
  • Monday, Oct 13: Lorne's family arrives from the States
  • Tuesday, Oct. 14: jet lag recovery
  • Wednesday, Oct. 15: Fittings for the bridal party, part 1
  • Thursday October 16: tour of Cardiff and environs, geared towards the children (not much history, lots of places to play)
  • Friday Oct. 17: rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, fittings for the bridal party, part 2
  • Saturday Oct. 18: civil partnership ceremony, blessing ceremony and reception
  • Monday, October 20: Lorne and Ianto leave for their honeymoon

Have I forgotten anything? Sheppard, I don't know when you and the other SGC people are arriving, and if there are people we'll need to pick up at the airport we need to know as soon as possible.

The rehearsal dinner, by the way, will be a very informal thing for all the out-of-town guests, not just family and wedding party.

We've got Lorne's family staying with us, and a block of hotel rooms reserved for overflow, so let me know if you need a place to stay and haven't made arrangements yet.


[ooc: If there is something that Ianto should know about that I've left off, please let me know--mun is forgetful like a forgetful thing! And if there's something Ianto doesn't know about that mun should, please let me know!]
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I need mailing addresses for wedding invitations. I have everyone's in the UK, of course, but should any of the rest of you at least like an announcement, please let me know where to send it.
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Today I bought wedding magazines.

This was a mistake.

You want to know why this was a mistake? Well, I'm going to tell you. BECAUSE THE WEDDING INDUSTRY IS COMPLETELY BRIDE-ORIENTED AND IS NOT HELPING ME AT ALL.

I suppose this is good in its way, because it gives us license to invent our own traditions and make our own decisions, but on the other hand . . . I would really like to do this right.

At this rate you lot will be lucky if you get a cup of water and a slice of cake at the reception, I hope you realize that.

And you're only getting cake because Lorne wants cake.
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To help me keep things organized, I'm putting together a wedding blog. Feel free to come visit.

[ooc: This is off LJ. If you want to register your character to leave comments, please email me and I'll set ya up.]
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Lorne and I were talking today and we've decided to get married.

Well, have a civil partnership. You know. But dammit, I'm going to call him my husband and I don't care what the law is, it'll be a marriage.

It'll be in October, we think. We haven't really decided on any other details yet.

And because this type of announcement isn't complete without it:

I love Evan Lorne so much and I get to spend the rest of my life with him!!!


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