Feb. 17th, 2008 11:21 pm
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[Private Entry]
Of course she's slept with Jack.

Half the known universe has slept with Jack. The other half just hasn't met him yet.

Stop being an idiot, Ifan.
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[Filtered to Martha]

Dr. Jones, nobody knows where you are and people are starting to worry. Or starting to say they're worried--it's possible they were worried before they said anything.

Anyway. I leave for the US in two days and as I recall you'd mentioned wanting to use my place sometimes while I'm gone. If you're not able to come to Cardiff before I go I'm leaving a key with Tosh for you (and for her to keep an eye on the place when no one's there.) You know you're welcome to use the CDs, video games and whatever else as you like. Yes, even the bed. Get laid, young woman!

Let me know you're around, would you?
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[Filtered to Jack and Lorne]

Just so you're aware of the state of things, I'm not going to be a godfather after all.

[Filtered to Lorne]

Martha may be coming to stay with me for a bit.

[Private Entry]

Times like these I realize how much I miss Lorne's . . . physicality. Not his body as such, though Lord knows I do, but just being able to experience him.

Though I suppose I'm lucky that if I want someone to talk to and help me feel better, I'm hardly starved for choice.
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[Private Entry]

Last night, for the first time in a while, I shut down completely. I literally could not think. It wasn't like gibbering with fear with the cannibals; it was just . . . like all my higher functions ceased to occur.

If this is how I react just to the news of it, how am I going to react to the reality?

[Filtered to Jack]
Jack, are you free this afternoon? Want to go out to lunch? I need you.
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[Filtered to Near and Sam]

Last night I told Lorne I love him. Well, what I said was "I think I love you" which is probably not what most people dream of hearing, but it's also the truth.

His response was less than heartening.

I think I could have reacted better; but as it was I was too embaressed to stick around any further and cut off the conversation, and then rang Jack, because what's better when you feel rejected than someone who'll never say no to you.

(Though to be fair Lorne didn't say he'd never love me--he just said he wasn't sure yet. Still. Not what somebody wants to hear back.)

Either way, I'm using Jack terribly though I doubt he minds that much. And now I have to wonder how I'm going to speak to Lorne again, having this between us.

In sum, this relationship thing sucks and I'm terrible at it. I even had a good long conversation with Martha over the weekend about my harem and she thinks Jack would be better for me as he's actually here, and . . . I wish somebody would just tell me "this person is right for you."

Of course, nobody knows that, do they? Not for other people, at any rate, and not always for themselves.

So. How are you?
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It's chilly but clear out--though it will rain by nightfall, from the look of the clouds in the distance--and Ianto spreads a blanket on the grass near other picnickers and kneels down to unpack the basket. "Cheese and crackers for starter?"

mixed post

Jul. 14th, 2007 03:41 pm
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[Filtered from Jack]

Martha's here!

And I suspect she likes Cardiff a lot more than she expected. Her Welsh is much better than Sam's, anyway, and there's been much less debauchery. It's clear: my bloke-friends are a bad influence on my fragile little self and I need a strong woman around to keep me in line. *nods*

I'm taking her to Bute Park in a bit, to tour the castle and have some lunch while the sun's out.

You know I'm going to get as many as possible of you to my beautiful city someday. You can bet on it.

[Filtered to Owen, Tosh & Gwen]

The situation with Martha is a bit complex, so I'd appreciate it if you don't mention this to Jack.
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[Filtered to Lorne]

Your package arrived today. I have no idea what to do with the rods but I'm sure I can figure it out. The mead will have to wait until I'm off-duty again.

Martha sent me a journal the other day with some photographs of her own, and I've put your pictures in there as well for the time being. Next time you send me a picture of you, I hope you're more than a background figure. (Sheppard looks exactly how I imagined, right down to the perma-bedhead.)

I'm sorry I was an arse yesterday. I do get a little jealous sometimes--or more realistically, envious, because they get to spend time with you and I don't. And all this happening here--it's shaping up to be much more than it initially appeared, and we're all under some stress. That's no excuse, of course.

When things are back to normal you and I can have a good long talk, I hope.

[Filtered to Martha]

I haven't forgotten your playlist: I'm working on it, but won't have access to my music files for a bit.

[Filtered to Jack, Gwen, Tosh and Owen]

The other day I received some dragon's beard candy from Hakkai. I've put the box in the kitchen, and you're welcome to help yourself. He suggests you let it melt in your mouth rather than chew it.
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[Filtered to Martha and Hakkai]

Hakkai and Martha, your packages have both arrived safely.

Martha, the music player has been getting quite a workout.

Hakkai, I'm looking forward to pairing the liquor with just the right food.

Thank you both so much.
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[Private Entry]

What was I supposed to say to Martha? "Yes, your cousin died screaming and in terrible pain"?


I'm calling Jack. Only thing to do, really.


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