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For the record, the captain is fine. I'm sure you were all quite concerned.

(Though . . . I admit I'm disappointed I didn't have the opportunity to return the favors he did for me during my time with the virus. Not to mention seeing him female. Ah well.)

As for the rest of you, I'm letting the icon do the talking.
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I fell asleep about two hours ago and woke up a man again. Everything seems to be in working order, and nothing's missing, right down to the scars on my knee.

I have no pithy comment to sum this up, really. For three days I saw life on the other side, and how it felt--how I felt--it's already fading. The entries I wrote, the emotions I had . . . it's like reading someone else's diary.

There's one thing that hasn't fled, at least. One thing I'll get to hold onto. I hope.
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I went in for a few hours this morning just to be sure everything was running smoothly and could continue to run smoothly for the remainder of the day, and then came home. I thought about staying but with the change back probably (knock wood) happening soon, I decided I'd rather be in my flat than, say, in the middle of an assignment.

I have to say, there are things I'm going to miss and things I'm going to be fine without. The body itself I haven't minded; the biological changes have been a little more of an adventure. I've always considered myself a fairly enlightened bloke--my mum made certain of that--but this has been more than just sympathy.

I guess I'll know for certain how deeply the changes were once I retake those tests Tosh gave me and she compares the results. But there were other things, too. I would go so far as to say increased empathy, increased socialbility, and--I'm not sure how to describe this, except I've felt stronger the last few days in an entirely different way. (I fell apart a little the first day, but it didn't last.)

So, I've got music playing (Death Cab's cover of "Love Song," if you're curious) and the computer on, and I took a few pictures just to remember, and now we wait.
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Tosh had an idea when I came in this morning: I should take some vocabulary and maths aptitude tests now, and again after I change back, to test if male brains and female brains work differently. And I get the sense that's just the beginning of the tests she'd like to run on me.

. . . I want to hide down in the archives for a bit. I mean, I'll do them, but I'm not wild about feeling like a lab monkey. I'm still me, dammit.
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The one thing I can say definitively is that me-as-a-girl and me-in-drag are nothing alike.

observations and lessons learned )
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Jack, please call me as soon as you see this.

I . . . seem to have become a girl.


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